Make facebook single name

Hello guys, welcome again. This tutorial is about to make facebook name single, like mine ( Okay, if you’d also like to set your single name just follow below steps.

I tasted it . it worked for me. Thats why I’m sharing it. If not works for you please let me know at comment.

Okay . i’m not going to say any other lines like others post. You want single thats why you are here. So it not required to introduce you to single name. I’m going to my point straight. Lets start.

What we need ?

Nothing . we need nothing , just you must have one facebook account and one smartphone with uc browser installed (for java and pc users, i’m covering another tutorial. Stay tuned) and yeah , data connection and some patient.

What we have to do ?

1. Goto in uc browser. It will land you on old mobile version of facebook. Login to your account by entering login details.

2. Goto “settings & privacy” option . then change language to “assamese”.

3. Now again goto “settings & privacy > general” . there we can change our name, email, phone no. Password etc. Now click on name changing option.



4. Write your desired name on first name input button. And remove middle and last name. Click review change button. Now it will ask your password to save changes. If you are satisfied with your entered name then simply put your password and save it.


5. If it complete without any error you will have a single named facbook account. Congratulations.

6. Now change language to your language and have fun with your single named account.

Thanks for visiting.

If you have any query can inform me via commenting. Hope it helps you.


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